Isabelle, the creator of the all-natural tooth powder, Good-Gums®, couldn't find a satisfactory gum remedy or toothpaste. After decades in the fields of natural healing and nutrition, she intuitively selected a blend of mineral, vitamin and herb ingredients to make a dentifrice for brushing her own teeth and gums. The creation that she made up in her kitchen and that she used for years became the origin of Good-Gums® that we offer to you.

Natural ingredients to support the body's efforts to heal gums

The ingredients below are all natural without chemical additives, because we don't want to put toxic residues into our bodies nor put toxic byproducts into the environment. The ingredients are dry because they can better retain their potency without having to add chemical preservatives.

sea salt
1 Myrrh & peppermint - soothe sore gum tissue.
1 Baking soda & French grey sea salt - cleans teeth with low abrasiveness, allows natural saliva remineralization.
1 Vitamin C & Bioflavonoid complex - helps connective tissues to heal and grow.
1 French grey sea salt - applies magnesium to the teeth for stronger enamel.
1 Baking soda - counters acidity produced by plaque bacteria.
1 Cinnamon, peppermint, & cranberry - gently antimicrobial, protects against bacteria spikes.

For more information on how these all-natural ingredients are utilized by the body, see the Good-Gums blog.



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