About Good-Gums

Good-Gums is an all-natural vitamin and herb formula that you gently massage into the gums with a toothbrush, giving a lot of people dramatic improvement in their gum health. Good-Gums is made to be absorbed by the gums, so it can give help right where itís needed.

Good-Gums comes as a powder that dissolves instantly on contact with saliva, so that whatís massaged into the gums is a liquid solution thatís rich in vitamin C and herbs. The reason it comes as a powder is that being dried allows the ingredients to retain their potency much better.

After massaging Good-Gums into the gum line with a toothbrush, many people find that the plaque on their teeth has been removed, usually much better than if they had brushed their teeth with toothpaste. Many people who use Good-Gums discontinue the use of toothpaste altogether, as unnecessary and as an unwanted source of artificial chemicals and glycerin. Good-Gums contains none of the artificial ingredients of toothpaste that are toxic, such as SLS and fluoride, or that interfere with natural healing.

The way a person uses Good-Gums is somewhat similar to the way that old-fashioned tooth powders used to be used. Tap a little into the palm of the hand, dip the toothbrush bristles into the powder to pick up a little bit of it, and move the toothbrush to the mouth. But hereís where the use of Good-Gums differs. Instead of just polishing the enamel, use the toothbrush (with light pressure only) to massage the dissolved Good-Gums into the gums. This helps the gums to absorb the Good-Gums. Slightly stronger pressure can be used when polishing the enamel.

Because itís applied with a toothbrush and itís also effective in cleaning the teeth of plaque, some people might wonder if this is merely a toothpaste-alternative, but itís really not. That would be like considering a house as being an alternative to an umbrella; both an umbrella and a house keep rain off your head, but a house also does a whole lot more for you. While both toothpaste and Good-Gums do remove plaque from your teeth, Good-Gums also does a whole lot more in helping achieve gum health. It makes a difference that you can personally observe in a relatively short amount of time. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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