french grey sea salt (sel gris) from the celtic sea

Celtic Sea Natural Grey Salt - A Natural Dental Care Product

Dentists often recommend a mixture of baking soda and salt for cleaning teeth. The combination is a traditional tooth cleanser that has stood the test of time for over century. But when you brush or floss, more than cleaning is going on. While the teeth are being cleaned, the gums are also absorbing whatever is in the cleansing mixture. Even in this regard, salt is considered so beneficial that dentists commonly recommend salt rinses following tooth extractions or other oral surgery.

Now a lot of people think that all salt is the same. But when we select the salt (along with the other natural nutrients) that you'll be ingesting when you brush with Good-Gums®, we specify a specific type of sea salt instead of inexpensive table salt, because all salt is not the same.

Mineral rich sea water is often considered the closest thing in nature to human blood (so much so that it was successfully used in emergency transfusions by Navy doctors in World War II when blood and plasma weren't available.) If sea salt has not been refined, it can be reconstituted into its mineral rich solution by water or by the moisture of saliva or food. Ordinary table salt cannot. The producers of refined salt extract many trace minerals from the salt and sell the minerals as nutritional additives to the manufacturers of processed "fortified" foods, before selling the depleted salt. That's one reason table salt is so inexpensive; it's been reduced to being a byproduct that's nearly-nutrient-free after having had up to 90 essential minerals extracted and then having aluminosilicate of sodium or yellow prussiate of soda added as desiccants as well as bleaches. The resulting refined salt then winds up with a higher sodium content than unrefined sea salt.

Dissolved sea salt-especially mineral rich sea salt-allows liquids to pass through the body's membranes and blood vessels' walls. The trace elements are required for cells to control their ion equilibrium, which is necessary for the cells' functioning, growth and regeneration. Refined salt does not allow the proper passage of fluids and minerals, leading to a buildup on one side of a membrane and to a lack on the other and to cells becoming out of balance.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer said that his hospital in Gabon, founded in 1913, had no cancer cases for decades, as it was rare among Africans until the importation of European foods, especially refined salt. "It is obvious to connect the fact of increase of cancer with the increased use of salt by the natives. In former years there was only available the little salt extracted from the ocean."

With salt and its trace elements being so important, Good-Gums® incorporates what we consider to be the best sea salt in the world as a natural dental care product for Isabelle's formula. It is Celtic sea salt known as grey sea salt harvested from Brittany in France facing the Celtic Sea, a section of the Atlantic Ocean that's considered particularly clean. The sea water is introduced into shallow pools of mineral rich clay (and not into cement-lined ponds). As the brine evaporates in the sun, salt crystals form about 6 inches below the surface, with a distinctive grey color from the healthful minerals and nutrients of the ocean and of the beds' clay bottom. The resulting salt is so pure that no further processing is necessary, and is certified organic by the French organization Nature et Progres, which is one of the founding organizations of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).

See for yourself how well Good-Gums® with French grey sea salt works for you.

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A natural dental care product, celtic sea natural grey salt, is found in Good-Gums®, order yours today.


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